08 November 2009

Child's Play

We went to the puppet theatre again this afternoon. Today's show was a bit harder to follow than the last one that we saw. Even though I was able to pick out a fair amount of words that I knew in Romanian, for the majority of the performance, I had no idea what was going on. There was a bear, what I believe to have been a wolf, and some kind of singing pomegranate. Beyond that, the story was completely lost on me.

In all honesty, it was a bit strange. Of course, imagine someone from Moldova whose English isn't all that great going to the U.S. and watching an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants. Try explaining that and see if it doesn't sound a little odd. "It's about a kitchen sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the ocean with a pet snail that thinks its a cat." That makes sense... right?

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